How is the lake access setup?
The lake access is shared amongst our four cabins and we have 2 docks, 4 kayaks, 4 stand-up paddles, and two canoes with a variety of lifejackets. We also have two platforms available, one on the way down to the water with a picnic table and another one on the side of the lake with a seating area.
Do we allow pets?
Only Prunella No. 4 is pet-friendly - the other cabins are not. Unfortunately, we do not make exceptions.
Are we flexible on the number of guests per cabin?
Unfortunately for adults, we are not. But if you want to bring along an infant or small child, please let us know, and we might be able to accommodate you.
What type of coffee machine do we use?
Every cottage has a Nespresso machine and a French press. You are welcome to bring your own coffee, but we offer one coffee pod per day per guest and provide some regular ground coffee. For tea drinkers, we have both caffeinated and herbal teas in every cottage.
What sports/activity equipment do you have on-site?
Every cottage comes equipped with board games, snowshoes, a sleigh, and some walking sticks. Prunella No. 1 and 2 also have snow scooters and a variety of outdoor family games.
Who are our partners?
Our partners are Tourisme Outaouais, MRC Pontiac, DEC Canada, SADC, and Expérience Outaouais+.
Is the water potable and good to drink?
Yes, the water is potable and is great to drink!
Are the cedar hot tubs available year-round?
Yes, the hot tubs are available and functional year-round.
Do you have a charging station for electric vehicles?
Yes, we have a centrally-located charging station on our site. Vehicles can be charged for a small fee ($2/hour - credit cards only).